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McKenzie River Fishing Guide - Trout Details

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 The native "redside" rainbow trout of McKenzie, upper Willamette, and South Santiam Rivers are abundant and willing.  All these rivers have a less numerous, but healthy populations of cuttrhoat trout, too.success is at hand  Our fly fishing guides are well acquainted with them.

The western Oregon fishing year begins in late February on the McKenzie River, famous for its native "redside" rainbows. If the water is warm enough, late February will see the beginning of the mid day March Brown mayfly hatch. Rising fish will take an adult or cripple pattern with consistency. When the fish are not rising, a well-presented deep nymph will produce some of the year's largest trout from February through mid April.

For those seeking maximum variety, we can spend the morning floating the lower McKenzie, and finish the trip angling the upper Willamette River in the afternoon.

As the water continues to warm on the McKenzie into May and early June, surface fishing with dry flies and soft hackle patterns becomes more consistent.  Another locally-famous aquatic insect --- the large, green McKenzie Caddis --- will appear in May and linger into early June.

Late June through August the fishing focus switches to the South Santiam River.  Native rainbows and cutthroat trout can be effectively caught throughout the day on all flyfishing methods.  For a flyfisher new to the sport, this is a great introduction.  The Santiam fish are "eager biters".  The fishing action can be constant.  A beginner quickly learns the necessary basics of fly casting, presentation, hooking and landing the trout.  The abundant and willing fish serve as good teachers.  Our top recommendation for a mid summer "fish fest".  Because all of the trout are native, they will be gently released back into the river to fight another day.
Key Benefits of fishing with one of our Oregon trout fly fishing guides

  • We'll show you the flies and a variety of fly fishing methods to catch trout.  We will help fine-tune your skills.  Subtle details can immensely boost your angling success.  Many of our clients are particularly interested in learning the mysteries of effective NYMPH fishing. 
  • No skills or fly fishing experience?  We'll teach beginners how to be successful as you fish and learn throughout your guided fishing day.  Our Oregon trout fishing guides specialize in instructing beginners in the effective basics of fly casting and all fly fishing methods.
  • If you wish, we provide proven, balanced fly fishing equipment for you to use to enhance your learning and effectiveness.  (However, the angler is responsible for flies, tippet and fishing license.)  Contact us about a guided trout fishing trip.

    After larger fish?  Check out steelhead.

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